Was God Created by Man as Bill Maher Contends?

One thought to consider on this remarkable man’s claim (see previous post) came to me watching a Bill Maher “documentary”. Unlike many conservatives I keep up with the latest liberal media positions to consider their merits and reasonings in order to challenge and test my own held beliefs. In Bill Maher’s atheistic zeal to uproot and disdain all of religion I soon realized his entire modus operandi consists of little more than ridicule of others. He has no evidence or facts, whatsoever, to support his proclamation God is a fabrication of humankind and his assertion that humans are inherently flawed (in the regard we seek someone or something that does not exist).

Following Maher’s illogical reasonings eliminates a creator and leaves nothing but belief in evolution or space aliens. Both beliefs have zero proof or evidences but are needed to support the dismissal of God’s existence. My response to Maher is for him to defend his position. When he was videoed indulging at a “pot bar” in The Netherlands I couldn’t help wonder if this is what people follow today. Is he considered a good example of wisdom and leadership and why would anyone believe or follow his ludicrous claims? It only demonstrates to me how little discipline some give to their thought processes and how little scrutiny they give to their idols.

He is certainly entertaining when he “exposes” prophets that proclaim to be the new Christ or when he digs up obscure and bizarre beliefs from virtually unknown fringe cults, but to denounce all of religion and disbelief in a supreme being is just narrow minded. Seculars call Christians narrow minded and I concur claims to follow Christ followed by condemnations of others actions with hatred and bias is worse than narrow minded as it becomes the single biggest reason most don’t consider a life of real faith. Theses actions are not demonstrative of the love Jesus had for others, especially for the weak and the outcast. His dialogue with the Woman at the Well and the Good Samaritan are well known.

Maher is correct in his assertion humankind is flawed and we crave a higher power to help and guide us through life, but very mis-guided with his belief the “feeling” exists because we are “just that way” and stops short of exploring the “why”. The why to any question or mystery is what we are after in any scenario. Dismissing the first book of the Bible as irrelevant is more narrow minded than the believers he ridicules. Maybe we are flawed because the original decision Adam and Eve made to turn from God and disobey Him originated our sin nature? Maybe God really did walk among and talk with the very first of His people, the people He claimed to make in His own image. That doesn’t strike me as far fetched or unlikely as creators of anything are usually proud of and want to be around their creations.

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