Not a MAGA Hat

A different hat with a very different story

My beliefs are grounded in my relationship with Him and upon the words He breathed through man and neither require validation by others. If I rose one day and found my Christian friends converted to Buddhism, atheism or any other “ism” this would not change what I do other than the prayers I would lift up to God for their return to His love and protection. You see, I also don’t believe in religion. I mean I don’t think Baptists, Catholics or independent Bible churches have any more claim to the right path to a relationship with God than Methodists or Presbyterians unless that path is scripturally based. I believe in God, His Son, the Spirit endowed by His Son, His love and the written promises and inerrant commandments of Scripture and have little use for the “grey” everyone is so enamored with today. Believing truth is a meandering line means whatever, whenever and what prevailing cultural momentum prevails. The widespread acceptance and belief abortion does not murder yet to be born babies is easily today’s most prevalent.

My earlier years as an active church going Christian, in hindsight, often missed the core of Jesus commandments and teachings of what following Him really means. The truth is so simple, yet so very profound, any church or organized Christian group that allows membership, or even frequent attendance, without some mandatory first step and exposure in the teaching of this misses the mark. If you’re an active Christ follower you already know it. I like using Christ follower because the word Christian often registers negatively with seculars or it is like hearing “Chevy” with no real register. Christ follower is pretty much a bull’s-eye without compromise.


Christ iterated at every opportunity and never wavered when asked “….what is the most important thing?”. His answer was always to love God first and to love the others around us. When Jesus said love your neighbor as you love yourself, He knew this to be the true test of loving God first. He also knew this is nearly impossible without the acceptance of His soon to be sacrifice for our sins.

Searching Biblehub on the internet I found Matthew Henry did a good job with this commentary. Luke 10:26, Jesus said “What is written in the Law?…..How do you read it?” and 10:27 the expert in The Law answered, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind ; and, love your neighbor as yourself”. Jesus says, “You have answered correctly”. Henry additionally comments:
There is a self-love which is corrupt, and the root of the greatest sins, and it must be put off and mortified; but there is a self-love which is the rule of the greatest duty: we must have a due concern for the welfare of our own souls and bodies. And we must love our neighbor as truly and sincerely as we love ourselves; in many cases we must deny ourselves for the good of others.

To be continued……………

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