The First Anti-Racist

A legal expert of his time asked Jesus “who is my neighbor?” in order to justify himself. In those ancient days Jews pretty much only accepted, loved or helped other Jews. You could easily be banished or worse if you did otherwise. Luke then proceeds to recite Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan, knowing full well Jewish people not only did not associate with Samaritans, they literally despised them. Researching the most literal translation of “neighbor” from Greek I came up with; “any other person, where two are concerned and thy fellow man”.

The Land of Canaan and the populations that ensued would evolve into nations and ultimately regions of the world, but many people groups did not associate with surrounding people groups for a number of reasons. Scholars of ancient history today still consider the Table of Nations (Genesis 10) to be the most accurate historical document available on the formation of these early nations.

Where might nations have evolved had Jesus not made the scene? Yes, we can point to historical atrocities and the lack of His instructions, but my point is; Where would our world be today had we been without Him. I think it bodes well to know and remember our founding fathers built and designed America on the fundamentals of Christianity. Jesus changed the game and it would only happen because He was present and would leave the existing populace with men empowered by the Holy Spirit to continue this love and acceptance of other races. Reference Luke 10:25-37

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