The Attack on Christianity

Christianity has been under attack since it’s inception, starting with the killing of Jesus himself soon followed by years of imprisonments and executions of early followers. It was Roman intent to eliminate that “pesky” belief from their empire. I mean, they already had to put up with those Jews, and now this. Much later, America was founded by Christian men fleeing the religious persecutions in Europe from a state that shamed, imprisoned, tortured or killed citizens that did not adhere to their “religious” laws. The state run church distorted Scripture and Jesus’ teachings in order to suit an elite group of leaders and why our founding fathers made separation of church and state part of our Constitution.

What is unfortunate is this law has been used to gradually remove God from our schools and government and is now picking up speed. This was not our founders intentions as the three branches of government were created and designed to protect citizens from the corruption of men. These founders knew and believed we are all sin natured and their positions on this are well documented in the letters and notes left behind as they drafted these laws and constructed our government.

What should a bible believing Christ follower say or do in response to the innuendos and increasing verbal attacks on our fundamental beliefs aside from sticking our head in the sand? Remaining politely quiet will only compound attempts to shame us to silence, which is exactly what seculars and the politically correct desire and should not be considered an option. The bias from Google, Facebook and Twitter that is now emerging is even more alarming as evidences mount in their attempts to curb religious and conservative rhetoric. When laws are passed forcing Christians to accept more than two created genders or local governments sue citizens in provide services that are in opposition to their beliefs it is past the time to just be alarmed.

Recent slurs on a popular ABC TV show indicating Vice President Pence’s Christian beliefs were “dangerous” and comments that he is “mentally ill” because of his professed relationship with Jesus are examples. During Russell Vought’s confirmation hearings Senator Bernie Sanders literally stated Vought was unfit for office because his beliefs were Islamaphobic. Senator Christopher Van Hollen Jr. said; I’m a Christian, but part of being a Christian, in my view is recognizing that there are lots of ways that people can pursue their God. Really?

*Why It Matters: Within the span of six minutes, two U.S. Senators—Sanders and Van Hollen—shamed the people of Vermont, Maryland, and the rest of the United States by establishing a new religious test for government officials. *Courtesy of The Gospel Coalition.

**Artwork at top courtesy of Dayspring Christian Academy

To be continued………….

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