May the Force Be With You!

Have you wondered what the core fascination is with Star Wars and why it grew into seven episodes (or is it more)? Yes, the graphics and action scenes are exciting and the characters are fascinating, but it is the story, the story of good versus evil on a big screen scale. The evil side has their leader and his henchmen, the good side the Jedi Knights guided by “The Force”. We relate to The Force because we were born with this compulsion to know there is something greater than ourselves. We want to know where it comes from and how to be a part of it. Who would not want to be Luke Skywalker as he, time after time, defeated the bad guys?

There is little debate evil resides in every nation and every city and shows up in our own neighborhood sometimes. Where does it come from and why is it seemingly getting worse? As terroristic happenings around the world have become commonplace and multiple mass shootings increase in America we have to wonder why. So many people in charge seem to know so little about what to do or how to curb these diabolical events. Corrupt third world leaders murder their citizens to perpetuate their state of fear and preserve their own power and wealth.

Darkness does not exist and can only be by the absence of light. Death does not exist and can only be by the absence of life. These pithy sayings have been attributed to Albert Einstein, but those credits are a myth to the best of my research. God is all about light and life and often referred to as the light of the world. Evil cannot exist within us unless it is by the absence of God’s presence in our life. I’m not implying those that don’t pursue God are evil, but believe those without His guidance have less protection and are more subject to moral compromise than those without His presence in their life.


If you don’t believe Jesus is the incarnate son of God and was sacrificed so that you can, in real life, in real time and in a real and personal way, have a real relationship with a God that only wants to love you and have you love Him you are with plenty of company. Some “high tail” it at the very mention of Jesus’ name. If compelled to do so ask yourself, why? Do you feel the same need to escape conversations about Mohammed, Buddha or John Smith? All three of these mortals claimed prophetic abilities and many accept that maybe they were or maybe they weren’t. Jesus claimed to be more than a prophet. He claimed to be THE SON of GOD.

Bottom line, Jesus is who He said He was or He pulled the biggest con job in the history of mankind. His walk on earth affected and altered the world more than any single event ever recorded by eyewitnesses. Was Jesus words and actions over 2000 years ago, that became so relevant to so many, just a great big lie? It’s easy to avoid any of this and not use up brain power, but why not take a bit of time to investigate and determine if there is anything to the promises of the man that claimed to be the son of the CREATOR of ALL THINGS. What if it really is that uncomplicated and you are missing The Force being with you?

4 thoughts on “May the Force Be With You!

  1. One of the biggest reasons I’ve see people avoid dealing with Jesus is they are prideful and want to run life their own way. They don’t want to be subject to His rule over their life. What they don’t understand is when we submit to Him we aren’t giving up things we like or desire. We become a new creation and joyfully eagerly like and desire new better things He puts in our heart.

    By the way, did you mean to say Jesus is the incarnate Son of God, instead of the reincarnated?


    1. Ron, what a nice thing for me to hear! It appears from your FB posts you don’t miss the title business. I am mostly retired myself now and looking forward to replacing the word mostly with fully, though I have replaced my work times with hobbies and ministry activities. IE, I still stay pretty busy, have never been one to sit around much. Take care!


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