Superman Story

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We grow up absorbing bits and pieces of the world around us without realizing this as it happens and acquire inherent convictions about what we “know” to be right or wrong . Christians are no less immune to this than seculars unless our relationship with God is based on His agenda and His instructions and not on our own desires. As creatures of habit we adopt beliefs just as we adopt patterns of behavior, but it is our choice of either, consciously or not. Some are good for us, some are not and recquires pushing the subconscious ones into our consciousness in order to evaluate ones we consider suspect.

Supernatural means just that, more than natural. God created us and all natural things and He is the author of life. We can easily forget or fail to recognize He is so much bigger than His creations and without His involvement in our life we are left to our own devices. In other words, without God, we must be God. Belief in some form of this is a common thread in new age religions and some pseudo-Christian religions. In the late 70’s, following a failed marriage, I vigorously pursued this line of thought as I devoured numerous self-help and empowerment books that were so prevalent.


My now deceased mother’s visit, during the time I was immersed in this lifestyle, had consequences. Having just completed “I’m OK, You’re OK” my attention deficit disorder was made worse with this extra splash of self-absorbed craziness, but the book wasn’t the total blame, of course. Mom innocently made some comment about not liking or wanting to do something related to her fear of water and I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to “educate” my mother as I delivered the eulogy of how she could just eliminate her fears by her own will power. Remembering how she shrank back as I flattened her with my zeal remains a moment in my history I wish I could have a do-over.

Another example from a overheard conversation was when an army officer asked another man where his son was going to attend college and when given an answer, he fired back, “You ought to send him to Westpoint. It will make a man out of him.” The other party was so taken back he didn’t really respond and it was a classic case of someone living by saying what makes them feel good, with little regard to who this man’s son was or knowledge of interests. We are capable of so much more when our thoughts and actions are allowed to be filtered by the Spirit.

If you’re thinking of getting off the bus because of the “God” thing, I get this. I don’t want beliefs shoved down my throat either and this is not about what I want you or anyone else to believe. This is my story about how God waited patiently for me to recognize His presence and how I ultimately allowed Him to reveal “secrets” that have made my life so much richer. I am a capable man and have accomplished much in my home, work and hobby life, but I can also be a destructive man. One mental picture I have of myself is leaping tall buildings with a single bound and then landing squarely on someone standing on the other side because I was so unaware of them being there. To be continued……………..

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