Roadblocks Ahead

Old and over used

I once thought non-Christians with Christian backgrounds experienced some event that caused them to shut the door on pursuing God and my belief likely found roots in my parents’ preacher story (read a little further). It could be it’s just what I wanted to believe, however it was an erroneous assumption. There are any number of roadblocks that prevent this, but I still think it is at the top of the list.

Today’s fast paced world and modern thought doesn’t gee haw with God things, it seems awkward at times. I once was told you must “buy into” mythologies and fairy dust in order to rely on an invisible God or believe the Old Testanent stories. What is most unfortunate is this mindset prevents honest and open dialogue between Christians and non-Christians regarding faith matters at all. The position of; “I don’t discuss religion or politics” is odd, considering both of their importances and really means; “I don’t discuss religion or politics except in the company of like minded believers because I am going to be offended before the conversation is over”. Let that soak in a few minutes. If you are offended by talking of either with those of different views, you may have long held beliefs that are suspect and difficult to defend.


Discussions during my childhood about faith matters were few and far between. My parents would sometimes recite a story regarding an early church going experience and goes something like this. “We joined The First Church (fictitious), attended regularly, gave money and helped Pastor Smith (fictitious) build up membership and a new building. Once we got that building the congregation wanted a fancier pastor and fired Pastor Smith so we quit going.” Mom would occasionally share a random story about a “good Christian” gone bad.

I don’t share this to demean my deceased parents in any way. I loved them both very much and miss them both very much. What I saw close up in their lives is what happens to a lot of people. Basing unbelief in an all powerful and loving God because of people’s failures is simply irrational. Concluding Christians with moral failures makes them the same as non-Christians is equally irrational. What makes a Christian “better” is not because we are better than non-Christians. We are better off than being without God which is a different kind of better. We are all are broken and have been broken since Adam and Eve disobeyed God. Continued in Roadblocks #2

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