Roadblock #2

How can I get around this?

So, how are Christians better off than non-Christians? Christian or not, we all do things we wish we hadn’t. We can harbor guilt and hopefully, have remorse for damaging words spoken or wrong actions taken. We live with the guilt or we push it inside until it quits bothering us for a while. There is, of course, the option of physically addressing each and every infraction with immediate confession to the offended party and this is a good thing, but few do it, being also mindful that telling a friend a partial truth or concealing motives from them count. I go so far to say there exists a culture that can barely tell the differences any longer. Constant media spins on reality, unfounded accusations and statements made with little regard to facts prevail.

Back to the premise, Christians are offered and accepted a “get out of jail free” card, one with no expiration date and even better, after it’s use we get a replacement. The churchy word for this is redemption. Let’s face it, none of us enjoy reminding ourselves of every single thing we could have done better and it is easy to glide into a pattern of brushing off the “small things” like telling half truths or hearing them, knowing full well it is the case and accepting it as normal for our times. When you hold this card and know it’s value, you can’t do that any longer. In fact, it creates a desire to make wrong things right and as a bonus, the guilt disappears! Mel Gibson’s famous line in Braveheart says it best. FREEDOM!

Then there’s the heavy stuff such as the guilt that follows acts of infidelity, secretive drug use, alcohol abuse, gambling addictions or pornography addictions. These are the places no one goes in conversation, but in reality they exist all around us. I’ve heard statistics that over 50% of church going men have pornography addictions. I don’t know statistics for women, but suspect they aren’t as bad, if that even matters. Buying into the idea that drug use and pornography addictions are victimless actions are two of the biggest lies ever sold to mankind and will be a future blog topic. If you think “these kind” of failings can never happen to you, you would be wrong because anything can happen to anybody.

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