If God Wrote Letters

He might be most disappointed so many Christians don’t trust or believe Him.

“I spoke through Moses, David, Paul and many others to give you details about my character and how to live in a way that would benefit you the most. I’m sorry Adam left you a sin nature you have to deal with continually, but I designed you to have free will plus gave you a path to defeat sin. Genesis is the history of my creation yet you dismiss this book to embrace a man’s evolution theory that can never be proven because it is not real. I am glad more of you are putting the pieces together (https://isgenesishistory.com) and are learning the earth and all I created as given you in Genesis is not as old as you have been led to believe.

I am disappointed many don’t claim Jesus as the way, the truth and the light or take His words seriously. You ignore much of what “I breathed” through my creation and seldom make use of the Helper I left you. If you really believe I am an all powerful, all loving and all mighty God, why do you create roadblocks that erase the sacred and protected words I crafted or follow a group thought they were “written for those times” or have “translation errors”. It just feels like I’m not given much credit for being ‘I am” or “the Alpha and Omega” and that I would have not been present when the Bible was assembled. Would you forget to protect your children after planning for their education. I did not forget to protect you.

I gave you clear direction on the sanctity of all life, both born and unborn, the definition of husband and wife and the importance of family, yet many believe the opposite or ignore my words within your denominations. You wonder why so many things seem to be going so wrong in your nation, but have forgotten it was founded and built by men on the values and truths I gave you in my handbook. Yes, those men were sinners and broken, as you all are, and they made their share of mistakes, but they returned to their faith, their belief in Jesus as the redeemer and to prayer often.

Giving the first fruits of your labor and money have been lost and you wonder why so few have so much and so many have so little. You were created to love me by being “made Holy as I am Holy” and to distribute the talents, wealth and love I gave you by My grace. The existence of Satan is ignored, which makes it easy for the enemy to make steady progress and unless you “put on the full armor” I have given you, he will continue to do so. I don’t mean to vent, but I really do love you and am just saying.”

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