Do You Know #2

Our level of faith in a loving and sovereign God is in direct proportion to the depth of the relationship we carve out with Him and our dependence will grow when we trust Him more at each new challenge. The New Testament became the gold standard on how we do this as Jesus’ disciples and followers chronicled the miracles He performed, the life giving words He spoke, and most importantly, the life He sacrificed so that our very sins would be forgiven and our redemption made complete before our Father.

Jesus’ shed blood is not a popular topic with many Christians today and barely recognized at some denominations. Contemporary thought seems to seek some humanization level for Christ in lieu of accepting the supernatural act of our salvation as documented by those New Testament authors. This only gives further evidence of the very sin nature we were born with and man’s unwillingness to discontinue being their own god in order to intellectualize who He is. I am amazed how those that consider themselves deep thinkers can hold to a belief that if God does exist, that He would be other than who He proclaimed to be, but then again history demonstrates time and again man’s attempts to make God into their own image.

If I rose one day and found my Christian friends converted to Buddhism, atheism or any other “ism” this would not change my beliefs or what I do, other than the prayers I would lift up to God for their acceptance of the One who proclaimed to be “the truth and the way”. The current popularity of acceptance that all other beliefs are equal to the belief in a risen Christ make no sense in a very simplistic way. If you hold to the idea of “whatever works for each person”, how can you actually consider yourself a Christ follower when that belief is in direct opposition to His words and actions? If you omit the words of Jesus (or the Commandments, being the very words of God) for convenience of cultural trends you are re-writing Scripture and giving God little credit for His written work.

I believe in God, His Son, the Spirit endowed by His Son, His love and the written promises and inerrant commandments of Scripture. I have little use for the “grey” everyone seems so enamored with today. Believing truth should be a meandering line means whatever, whenever and that prevailing cultural movements that erode His truths and commandments are OK. The widespread acceptance and belief abortion does not kill innocent children is certainly the most prevalent, but this is not about politics. It is about you and God and whether you will stand by His Word in order to increase your relationship with Him or make the approval of your peers the priority. Think about it.

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