Remembering God through the course of each day is not our nature, but doable and a game changer in the best possible way. Combining habit development (our will) with the leading of the Holy Spirit (His will) makes this possible and more than a message you might receive on any given Sunday. Investing in prayer and God’s word lead to instructions for our daily living and each investment in knowing Him compounds and increases our relationship with God, much like interest compounds on sound monetary investments. The more you wisely invest, the greater the returns. It truly is that simple. God may be complex, but He is not a god of confusion nor one that made having a relationship with Him difficult. The difficulty lies in two distinct areas. The first is getting past centuries old ideas of who man (religions) says God is and the second is discounting His word, both of which oppose trusting who God said He was, is and always will be. It is

The promises made by a sovereign, protective and loving God are also the same promises made by a jealous God. You can’t expect to ignore His commandments and Jesus’ instructions, then prayer dial God up to change your circumstances. There have been times I’ve experienced a reverse of fortune, following bad decisions I made without the Spirit’s leading, but it was purely by His grace to do so after I realized and confessed my mistakes. Alongside this I must add the times I plowed through bad decisions, without repentance nor a plea for my return to His guidance, always led to concealed pain within and/or subtractions from my life and those affected nearby. When our pride reigns God’s protections are often diminished.


The way God chose to bring His Son into our world makes clear He has little use for our “strengths” unless we accept the gifts He gives us in order to further proclaim His glory. Jesus showed up in the lives of a carpenter and his likely gossiped about wife and were announced by lowly shepherds. Joseph and Mary came from an obscure town within a barely tolerated portion of the Roman Empire. We can take this, along with numerous Scriptural admonitions to do so, as our cue to become less so He can become more. His perfect design is supernatural and impossible to reason out by intellect and the more we do so, the further we get from His Grace.

We are all broken and live with the brokenness of Adam and Eve. Our sin nature is unavoidable and our choices become living with this in the way that pleases the world around us or living with it in a way utilizing the remedy only He can provide. The acceptance of the blood sacrifice given to us by Jesus, who was, is and always will be God Himself, grants us redemption and the empowerment to accept the gift of the Holy Spirit who will lead us through any circumstance. Peace, love, hope and JOY! Steve

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