Stands To Reason

… It is then true that everything teaches man his condition, but he must understand this well. For it is not true that all reveals God, and it is not true that all conceals God. But it is at the same time true that He hides Himself from those who tempt Him, and that He reveals Himself to those who seek Him, because men are both unworthy and capable of God; unworthy by their corruption capable by their original nature. Pascal’s Pensees #556

This simple statement penned by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century resonated then and resonates now. It’s just common sense. Why would God choose to reveal himself to those that have not chosen to seek him? The next is better as it speaks to our pride of life and a belief we can be better off trusting our own intellect over and above an enriched life that comes from pleasing God.

There are two ways of proving the truths of our religion; one by the power of reason, the other by the authority of him who speaks.

We do not make use of the latter, but of the former. We do not say, “This must be believed, for Scripture, which says it, is divine.” But we say that it must be believed for such and such a reason, which are feeble arguments, as reason may be bent to everything. Pascal’s Pensees #560

This is where many cease dialogue with debate that if God is who He says He is and Jesus is who He said He was and is, do you think we would be left with a defective instruction manual? Jesus was either God in the flesh who, by design of our Creator, was chosen to die on a cross so that we can be forgiven and sanctified by a perfect and loving God or he was a liar. The instructions and truths He spoke about how to have an abundant life are true or they “could be”.

Think about it, “as reason may be bent to everything”!

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