A Double Trifecta

No Gamble Here

Matthew’s chronicle of Jesus’ first miracle is the healing the leper (Matt. 8:1-4) which crossed Jewish beliefs of religious purity. He touched the untouchable and healed this man. His second miracle, the healing of the centurion’s servant (Matt. 8:5-13) crossed ethnic boundaries by giving attention to a race despised by society. In His third miracle (Matt. 8:14-15) Jesus crossed gender boundaries, healing a woman, women being greatly marginalized in first-century Judaism. These miracles soon followed Jesus’ proclamations named The Beatitudes and His well known Sermon on the Mount.

Crowds followed wherever He went and Jesus was recorded time after time to heal many miraculously. Scripture gives us a sense of perfection in God’s Son as His actions shout out, “I am here for the outcast, the shunned and the oppressed“ and then capped with, “I am available to all”.

Jesus’ command and authority over the physical world (sickness) and the spiritual world (casting out demons) would be followed by His authority over the natural world. Commanding the wind to stop as He walked on water Jesus demonstrates this control completing another trifecta. The other disciples huddled in the boat and as a terrified Peter is pulled up from sinking, Jesus’ action declares, “I am available to you” and His words “Why did you doubt?” is the million dollar question, the question we should ask ourselves daily.

There is good reason for Scripture to be named God’s Living Word. May His breathed words to man live for you! Steve

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