Who is Trump’s Base?

1976 Wagoneer

I selected this photo because it is am image that suits those that continue to make claims that President Trump is ‘pandering to his base’. The intention is to paint pictures of white Southern or Midwestern men that are uneducated, overweight and don’t know much. If you truly want to see a country less divided you might consider ‘his base’ is now half of the country and probably more, after witnessing Fakebook and Twitters blocking conservative posts and the MSM doing all it could to suppress voter participation by continual broadcasting of leftist produced polls claiming his opponent was up by 8 to 11%. Its difficult to determine how many Trump supporters just gave up and didn’t vote.

I built a business from which I am mostly retired. Many of my Trump friends did the same and are not overweight nor uneducated. To continue to call his following a base is divisive and slanderous in the sense it is used to fire up leftists even more. More disturbing is their widely held belief Trump is a racist and calling his supporters racist. Why did 25% of African Americans and 32% of Hispanics vote for him this election? Could it possibly be his ACTIONS produced more tangible results in their lives and that they are sick of ‘defund the police’ and get Democrats have done little but lead them for decades into a welfare state instead of building economies that allow a better life?

Whether Trump comes out on top of his lawsuits or not, it is time to fight for what is good for the country and call out the media and corrupt politicians. Socialism is not the answer and world history has proven time and again that when government rules unobstructed, those in power, and those that bow to them, end up with all the wealth. We are seeing this played out before our very eyes as big tech, media powers and even much of Wall Street are staking their claim with the Democratic Party in order to continue vacuuming up more of it. To be continued……

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