What Should We Learn From Washington

President Trump could have done so much more to quell the storm that was brewing, but for Biden and the media to call them a riotous mob further alienated those that were there and behaved lawfully. The media ran the same dozen or so clips of lawbreakers without reference to the tens of thousands that were peaceful and their dishonesty was on full display as they named it the ‘Trump mob’. When the looted buildings burned in DC last May they were proclaimed peaceful protests and as the real riots and arsons spread across the cities, Democratic leaders remained silent and some actually promoted the actions. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Trump supporters aren’t blind, deaf or dumb. His words often could and should have been better thought out, but that was who he was and we preferred his unfiltered thoughts to the carefully crafted words of career politicians. His past and character are not unblemished, but the media NEVER scrutinized or investigated his opponents and focused on any Trump fault that would make headlines for their viewing base. Yes, I realize conservative media (what few exist) do likewise, but IMHO not nearly as extreme and harsh as the MSM. Worse is the news they refuse to cover. Smart Americans want reporters to do what reporters are supposed to do, investigate and report facts, not opine with their political bias nor call anyone or group that disagrees a racist.


We know Trump, with little support from either political side, secured our southern border, rebuilt the military, put Middle East countries on a path to peace while de-escalating endless wars and stood firm against China’s unfair trade practices and theft. He made our nation energy independent and these actions gave us a safer country and a better economy. Jobs were created and hopes for more jobs were put on the table after 20+ years of seeing them annihilated by China, India and illegal immigrants. The previous past 4 Presidents criticize Trump unmercifully, but they forget their documented history of policies and executive orders that contributed to this carnage, offering little to reverse the flow of them out of our country.

It is my hope the new leadership recognizes the citizens that have rightfully felt forgotten until Trump’s policies made their life better. There is truth to this and their passion is undeniable. They liked that Trump was an outsider because they were made outsiders. Biden and his administration needs to hear what 74 million voters and the thousands of DC protestors said with their votes and their pilgrimage to Washington. They are angry and they are worried things will get worse for them again. The populace will be peaceful if we believe in and trust our election process. Right now half of America does not. This is not good and there will be unrest until it is.

If Biden’s team truly wants to heal our nation he could give closure to the illegal Russian hoax with letting the truth come out about the players that orchestrated it, encourage states to look closely at election procedures that millions of us now distrust, back off Transgender policies that many feel threaten children’s safety at school and ruin sporting events for females, proclaim the Green New Deal the catastrophe it is and answer real questions about what his role was in Hunter’s activities. We’re growing weary of the word police and the silencing of conservatives by social media, too. Just saying.

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